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The Mix Up 풀버전!!!

* 아래와 동일한 영상입니다.The Mix Up: Intro.The intro section to my video "The Mix Up" released Feb. 2009.* 아래와 동일한 영상입니다.The Mix Up: Montage 2.The second montage from my video The Mix Up released in February...

TML2- The Breakdown official trailer

* 아래와 동일한 영상입니다.The official trailer for the upcoming dvd release starring 존 볼리노(John Bolino), 브렛 다소빅(Brett Dasovic), 제프 하워드(Jeph Howard), 마이클 갈링하우스(Michael Garlinghouse) and 크리스 파머(Chris Farmer). A...

A Day W/ Brett & Jeph season 2 EP.6!!!!

* 아래와 동일한 영상입니다.Welcome to Minnesota JOHN Bolino.

Woodward Edit 2009

* 아래와 동일한 영상입니다.Weeks 10 + 11 Rollerblading jarrod neilan montre livingston cameron card henry schwartz eric thompson dylan hopp jared green dave hartnett alec zavell jon jon bolino andrew still tre...

디나이얼(DENIAL) 존 존 볼리노(JON JON BOLINO), 몬트레 리빙스턴(MONTRE LIVINGSTON) Pro Wheel

Denial · skater owned by Adam Killgore and Chris Majette. DENIAL JON JON BOLINO Pro Wheel Features 59/93 Wheel, Round Profile, Graphic Designed by Jon Jon, and Clear Urethane for Jon Jon's First Pro...

Woodward Rollerblade Edit

* 아래와 동일한 영상입니다.Video By Will Start. Denial week at woodward east 2009. Week 10 Alec ZavellMontre Livingston Jon Jon BolinoJon CampbellMike Koliner Jon FrommDan Breuer Steve Iacono

크리에이트 오리지날(Create Originals) Frame & Team

Sean KelsoBilly O'NeillJon Jon BolinoColin Kelso

크리에이트 오리지날(Create Originals) Pro 팀(Team)

원본 파일:After all the years Brian, Hakeem, and I have put into skating, the fact that we can be a part of something that we made, which adds to the maturity and growth of skating, is an amazing thing....

존존 볼리노(JonJon Bolino) & 몬트레 리빙스턴(Montre Livingston) 디나이얼(DENIAL) edit Aug09 // 님(Nimh)

* 아래와 동일한 영상입니다.Here is an edit put together by ALF of JonJon and Montre on a few sessions around Philly in July and August 2009. This is strictly online material...they've both been working hard on...

님(Nimh) Woodward East Edit

This edit was put together by Jon Jon Bolino and Eddie Chung. Features the skating antics of Jon Jon, Nick, Matt, Tyler, AJ POW, Dan Brer and Ethan aka "Little Bossman".
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