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존존 볼리노(Jonjon Bolino) and 브라이언 시마(Brian Shima) 님(Nimh) Edit

Jonjon Bolino and Brian Shima Nimh EditJonjon Bolino flew to San Diego to hang out and skate with Brian Shima for a week and a half before the Barner Burner contest. This edit showcased all the skat...

BARN BURNER 2009 대회 영상 모음

* 아래와 같은 영상인데 직접 첨부했음. ^^Barn Burner 09 edit by Nico SotomayorBarn Burner 2009Barn Burner 2009 at Skatebarn West in Renton Washington. Edit by Gavin Fitch.1st - Brian Shima2nd - Erik Bailey3rd - Nic...

존 존 볼리노(Jon Jon Bolino) in San Diego // 님(NIMH), 존 볼리노(John Bolino)

Jon Jon Bolino flies into San Diego to begin filming for the next Rat Tail project. Could it be the NIMH video? Here are some snaps from the Sunday session with the Santee crew. 브라이언 시마(Brian Shima)...

존 존 볼리노(Jon Jon Bolino) // 존 볼리노(John Bolino)

Left over from his ONE Interview. 2 Vivis off camera.

님(Nimh) 팀(Team) 포스터(Poster)

브라이언 시마(Brian Shima), 몬트레 리빙스턴(Montre Livingston), 존 존 볼리노(Jon Jon Bolino), 조이 체이스(Joey Chase)

Panhandle Pow-Wow Edit 2

Panhandle Pow-Wow Edit 21. Montre Livingston 2. Jon Jon Bolino / Joey Chase 3. Fankie Irven 옛날 꺼 다른 버전

Panhandle Pow-Wow Edit

Panhandle Pow-Wow Edit 1. Montre Livingston 2. Jon Jon Bolino / Joey Chase 3. Fankie Irven 옛날 꺼Joey Chase - Disaster Front Farv [Vibralux Best Trick]Strobist Info: Lit by (1) Canon 580 EXII one a li...

존 존 볼리노(Jon Jon Bolino) // John Bolino, 님(NIMH)

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