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AM 싸장님, Justin Hertel의 위엄!!! // Aggressivemall, 발로(Valo) 에릭 베일리(Erik Bailey) AM 데님(Denim)

Justin Hertel - Bank to AO fishJustin Hertel - First-Try-Or-Die Switch Zero Fish He grabbed it, and I missed it...I'll never forgive myself.© NickLindsey피쉬 아니면 안 함 ㅋ

Justin Hertel - Forward mute to bank // JH, AM, AMall

Justin Hertel - Forward mute to bankMy boss is a boss© NickLindseyAMall 싸장님의 위엄! ㄷㄷㄷㄷㄷ제품 사진 찍을 때 혀 잡아뽑는 것만 하고 있지는 않다는 걸 몸소 보여주심. ㅋㅋ

00.11 SPEC.OPS. LINER PREVIEW // 트러스트(Trust), 스페셜(Special) 옵스(Ops) 라이너, 스펙 옵스

The Special Ops. liner was a purpose built liner developed to meet the requirements of thinner skates. This liner fits in nearly all thin skates sans toe cut and at the same time maximizes shell spa...

AMall Crew's it Up! // 발로(Valo)

All Draped up in Valos! Cool Snakes '09 AMALL CREW'S it UP!.. 8 Valo Setups #710-#718!Shawn Storm, Kyle Gallagher, Neil Chen, Justin Hertel, Kyle Nolte, Todd Wise, Derek Radtke, Paco Ass DreAMall 알바...

New 발로(Valo) // AM, A-Mall, Aggressivemall, 빅터 에이리어스(Victor Arias), TheCoolSnake

Connected Sesh:02Join the JSF crew as we hit the weekend blade sesh in april. Featuring Sneaky, Victor Arias, Justin Hertel, Erick Garcia, Niel Chen and more! 예쁘다~ +_+그전에 풀렸던 사진은 아래에...발로(Valo) New ...

저스틴 헤르텔(? Justin Hertel) - AMall Owner // 저스틴 허르텔, 발로(Valo)

AMall Owner, Justin Hertel와우! 싸장님 만세~