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Filmed & Edited by Lonnie G (Me). Additional camera work by Erick Rodriguez (9-5).B would like me to note that a fastslide-cess be referred to as a Kopi Luwak..worddd..-LG

Fade Nation GREEN Trailer // eRolling

Fade Nation 3: GREEN DVD Directed by Lonnie Gallegos.Featuring Robert Guerrero, Jeremy Soderburg, Anthony Williams and Fritz Peitzner.Also with Ben Schwab, JC Rowe, Michael Obedoza, Victor Galicia, ...

Language 2001

So a long time ago i made this video called "Language." My good friend Jayson Reduta put it online the other day. So yea, here she be. I could type out all the info, or you could just watch it.. whi...

Noise (Full)

* 아래와 동일한 영상입니다.Noise (2002) by Lonnie Gallegos.Don’t miss the Chris Haffey & Robert Guerrero’s fight against the 666 rail (14′00).