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발로(VALO) V13 10th Anniversary // Grindhouse, AM, eRolling, RW, 어그레시브 인라인

VALO V13 10th AnniversaryFor their 10th anniversary VALO present you the "naked truth"!The VALO V13 is a VALO TV without the well known Leatherskin. Without that skin the skate looks smaller and it ...

New 로체스(Roces) M12 카드라 통신! // 마제스틱(Majestic) 12

Can t say too much for the moment but they reworked the liner and the frame. For the colorway it s a classic colorway for the boot and a "new" colorway for the soul. Price Will be cool too. Posted b...

로체스(Roces) M-12 토우컷(Toe Cut) // 마제스틱(Majestic) 12, 발로(Valo)

I finally downsized a shell on my M12's. Now I'm riding an 8-9 shell. Well known fact, the M12's run small. My toes were so painfully squeezed together I could barely skate half an hour until the pa...

Casey Bagozzi * Launch to Fishbrain * NorCal * Photo © 2010 Matt Bolger // 로체스(Roces) M12

I shot this picture of Casey a couple month ago, as he wanted to get some photos to send to Scribe for the upcoming release of his pro wheel. This spot is right around the corner from my house, and ...

로체스(Roces) Majestic 12 스트랩(Strap) 커스텀(Custom) // M12

majestic 12 Posted by: sebax 일본 사진에서 보던 커스텀. ㅋ

로체스(Roces) 마제스틱(Majestic) 12 (카이저(Kizer) 플루이드(Fluid) Teal Setup) BLACK skate // M12, AM, Amall

The Majestic 12 "Kizer Fluid Teal Setup" skate is assembled by Aggressivemall and features top notch parts starting with Kizer Fluid 2010 frames that include 8mm axles and a perfect out of the box g...

발로(VALO) TV.1

Valo TV.1 Grey/BlackValo TV.1 BlackRoces M12 UFS Black사용기는 아래에...

케이시 바고찌(Casey Bagozzi) // 로체스(Roces)

Backslide AO fishAO top acidSoul TransferTop Acid TransferFishVert WallAG+RS+VE+ML로체스(Roces) M12 에 트러스트(Trust) 라이너!!!! -o-)/

로체스(Roces) M12 UFS 화이트(White) 260mm (? US 8) + 발로(Valo) 소울플레이트(Soulplate) + 발로 JJ.1 스킨(Skin) 커스텀

로체스(Roces) M12 UFS 화이트(White) 260mm (?? 265mm 일 수도... -.-a)+ 발로(Valo) 소울플레이트(Soulplate)+ 발로 JJ.1 베이지(Beige) 스킨(Skin) 커스텀(Custom)+ 무크(Mook) 프레임(Frame) 라지(Large)* 굴이 여의도 옆돌에서 백로얄을 즐겨해서 백슬 그루브가 뒤로 난 듯!...

로체스(Roces) - 마제스틱(Majestic) 12, Size: 41 (260mm)

Custom Roces. Suited with a new frame and soulplate. Without frame and wheels just € 55,-- New black Roces soulplate- New white Kizer Type M frame
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