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님(NIMH) Europe - 3 days and 7 hours in 바르셀로나(Barcelona) - 09/05/22

In the not too distant past Oli called me to say that he would be flying to Barcelona for a short but hard hitting trip to skate and film with HIMHs first official EU Am rider, Marc Moreno. Seemingl...

New 님(Nimh) EU Pro Rider and European Team Roster!!!!!

This is a New beginning for NIMH on the other side of the atlantic. NIMH will be setting a NEW standard for rollerblading in Europe! NIMH EU will be building from the ground up.This is the official ...

올리 숏(Oli Short) // 님(Nimh)

처음에 님으로 갔다고 소문 났을 때아니라고 했다더만... 이게 뭐니 이게~ -_-knock knock nimh promo editknock knock. Use your imagination.

올리 숏(Oli Short), 레온 험프리스(Leon Humphries) // 발로(Valo)

Oli Short - roll in to gap, Southbank. Leon Humphries - topsoul wallride revert.

윈터클래쉬(Winterclash) 2009 사진(Pics)

Broskow - Disaster AO TopacidBroskow - BS SavOli Short - FS SavSteven Swain - BS SavSteven Swain - Spin to BS RoyaleHaffey - BS Nugen up and downAl Hooi - Dis TS MakioMontre spinning to royaleHaffey...

We Are 발로(Valo) 3 Official Trailer

Alex Broskow, Erik Bailey, Brandon Smith, Oli Short, Cosimo Tassone, Gabriel Hyden, Victor Arias, Jon Julio, and featuring Austin Paz, Ross Kuhn, Sean Keane, and a slew of Valo Supporters.아.. 황홀하다.
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