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이앤 맥클로드(Iain Mcleod) // 렘즈(Remz), USD 카본(Carbon)

Back Side BackslideI got my camera back fom the shop today and took some long awaited photos, oh and i bought a 10-17 :)So we found this empty place to skate, amazing, we placed this gaurd rail acro...

아린 게이츠(Aarin Gates) - Back side Farv. // 샤도(Xsjado)

These photos are a bit old, I never used them for anything. Johnny called me up one lazy saturday or sunday and asked me if I wanted to shoot at this spot near my house, I said sure.Aaron also takes...

제레미 소더버그(Jeremy Soderburg) - Top Porn Budget Top Soul Shift 180 out

Jeremy S - Top Porn Budget Top Soul Shift 180 outSick ass ninja shiftyCanon 30DTonkia 12-24mm Ozzie Sandoval탑폰으로 올라타서 뒷발을 앞발 밑으로 해서 앞쪽으로 넘겼남? 학학스케이트는 살로몬에 USD 듀얼 소울플레이트 커스텀??? -o-a (사진은 2007년 11월꺼임)