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렘즈(REMZ) 08-One 커스텀(Custom) Skate // 0801, AM, AMall

Remz 0801 custom skate #1 shown with; Remz turquoise one piece souls, Remz turquoise backslide plate, GC featherlite 2 freestyle black frames, and Undercover Nick Lomax pro outer wheel.Remz 0801 cus...

렘즈(Remz) HR1.1 지름 인증 // 레볼루션(Revolution)

Daniel (Custom REMZ HR 1.1) - Phoenix, AZAaron (Custom REMZ HR 1.1) - Phoenix, AZ무지막지한 올블랙인 줄 알았더니빛을 받으면 회색 빛깔도 나는 듯? -o-a노란 프레임!! 귀여워~~~

렘즈(Remz)의 좌청룡, 우백호 // World Rolling Series Finals, WRS

Chris Haffey takes Worlds and Cj Wellsmore climbs to #1 Ranking with his second place at the comp.. SAY WHAT???World Rolling Series FinalsResults1. Chris Haffey2. CJ Wellsmore3. Brian Aragon3. Roman...

Sean Cowen SDSF Fall 2010 // 렘즈(Remz) OS 3

Sean Cowen's Fall 2010 edit for SDSF skateshop and Remz skates. and Edited by Daniel Scarano

REMZ HR 1.1 // 렘즈, 커스텀(Custom)

Remz Hr 1.1Kizer Typ-M *White*Undercover Richie Eisler 2011 WheelsWhite PartsPosted by: failormooNN

렘즈(Remz) OS.4 [Blue Force] Skate // AM, AMall, RW, IW

Remz OS.4 [Blue Force] SkateThe new limited edition "Blue Force" version of the Remz OS.4 complete pro team skates featuring blue cuffs and blue backslide plates.  The Remz Open Shell skates ha...

렘즈(REMZ) HR 1.1 RED Limited Edition // 그라인드 하우스(GrindHouse)

REMZ HR 1.1 RED limited Edition:Remz developed a new generation of skates which addresses the problem of many soft boots: the softening and loss of support after a while of use. The new Remz technol...

렘즈(Remz) - OS 4 - Black Blue - Setup // Hedonskate

Remz - OS 4 - Black Blue - Setup•model: Remz - OS 4•liner: Remz OS liner OEM•soulplate: New Full Remz Soulplate•backslide plate: Remz Backslide Plate•frame: Remz - Team Frame - Black•wheels: Remz - ...

렘즈(REMZ) OS.4 블루(blue) Edition *Complete* // 그라인드 하우스(Grindhouse)

REMZ OS.4 blue Edition *Complete*Remz presents its latest Open Shell design: The brand new REMZ OS.4 - Now also in BLUEFor this new release Remz adapted its original liner technology to create a bra...

렘즈(Remz) OS4 블루(Blue)

Just got the official press release for the Remz OS4 blue edition:Remz is dropping a limited blue edition of the popular OS4! This skate has all the original features of the OS4 including Remz’s bra...
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