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USD 카본 프리(Carbon Free) Eisler Skates // 리치 아이슬러(Richie Eisler), 카이저(Kizer) 플루이드(Fluid) 4

CARBON FREE EISLER SKATESKizer Fluid Frame 4UC USA Pro Wheels 58mm/90AUC GrindrocksUSD Abec 5 BearingsPosted by: RazorSkater002 카본 프리야?프리 아이슬러야?? -o-aPosted by: Biiiiiiilllllll

리치 아이슬러(Richie Eisler) 언더커버(Undercover) Ad // UC, USD

Richie Eisler Undercover Ad

Vine St Leftovers Pt.1's part 1 of the leftovers from Vine St.More to come when I can be bothered.Full video available for download at freestyleculture.comDirect

Richie’s Currently Recovering // 리치 아이슬러(Richie Eisler), USD

From this ledge roll to road gap to broken rib.어익후;;; 쾌유 하시길...

Eisler Invents New Trick: Darkside Sweaty 2.0 // 리치 아이슬러(Richie Eisler), USD 카본(Carbon) 2

저 프레임 달고 그라인드 하는 거는 아무리 봐도 무리수인데... -,-;;금속 그라인드 플레이트만 달고 타도 돌 모서리가 막 깨지더만... ㄷㄷㄷ

리치 아이슬러(Richie Eisler)’s 4 month review on the 카본(Carbon) 2 by USD.

I’ve been skating my Carbon IIs for almost four months now. Best blades I’ve ever skated. Hands down. They are the smallest and lightest boots I’ve ever ridden, super comfortable, the new cuff conce...

Two Weeks with Mark Wojda // USD 클래식 드론(Classic Throne)

* 아래와 동일한 영상입니다.Mark Wojda visits the Powerhouse Studios in Barcelona for two weeks. Shredding ensues.Mark Wojda was the first guest to stay at the Powerhouse. He skated hard every time we left the ...

First Session on USD 카본(Carbon) 2s // Richie Eisler

* 아래와 동일한 영상입니다.I took my new Carbon IIs to the plaza to break them in on the ledges... 오호라~ -o-리치가 쓴 카본 2 리뷰는 아래에...리치 아이슬러(Richie Eisler)’s 4 month review on the 카본(Carbon) 2 by USD. http://comabl...

Richie Eisler // USD 클래식 드론(Classic Throne)

My new custom Richie EislersBlue usd cuff and soulplatesEisler sifika liners White featherlite 1sDon Bambrick Street artist wheelAbec 9 BearingsPosted by: USDforLIFE 쇽업을 더 넣으셨나? ㅎ;;

CJ and Richie : 언더커버(Undercover) Wheels // CJ 웰스모어(Wellsmore), 리치 아이슬러(Richie Eisler), 렘즈(Remz), USD

* 아래와 동일한 영상입니다.In association with BE-MAG and The Conference, here is an edit of CJ and Richie skating Waterloo and Avalon skateparks. CJ and Richie recently received a Pro wheel from Undercover wh...
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