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Bustown Throwdown Official Edit Featuring Don Bambrick, Gabe Talamantes and more

Bustown Throwdown Official Edit featuring Don Bambrick, Gabe Talamantes, Jimmy Hake, Jon Murakami, and more. Results:BeginnerCameron Headlee10-15 IntermediateHowie CurdLiam CampbellBrandon Nguyen10-...

On The Road: Denial Week at Woodward East Leading up to AIL

Intuition Rollerbladers,I am currently at Woodward East with Richie Velasquez, skating and preparing for the upcoming AIL+Denial $300 Best Trick contests. Here are some pics from today.Adam Killgore...

Intuition Week at Woodward West - Day Two

Intuition Week at Woodward West - Day TwoAnthony Luna - Backside TorqueDerek Henderson - Truespin TopsoulJoey Ihara - Topside MistrialRichie Velasquez - Fishbrain엥!? 이 아저씨... RB 타다가 레이저로 바꿨남!? -o-a나...