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살로몬(Salomon) ST-8s. Crbn souls. Brown. Awesome // USD 카본(Carbon) 소울플레이트(Soulplate) 커스텀(Custom), Mod

Best setup I've ever had.Size 6.5-7.5050 Cores size small.Modified cuffs and liners more a nice feel.Kryptonics 55mm 88a for insane grip, speed and control.Superfeet insoles for amazing comfort and ...

살로몬(Salomon) ST8 커스텀(Custom) // USD 카본(Carbon) 소울플레이트(Soulplate)

Flattened boot, flattened carbons souls, Trust liner, Nike laces, Eulogy wheels.Boot size 10Souls size MLiner size 10 Posted by: JD 쉘 바닥 갈고, 솔판 윗면 갈고~유부남용님의 사용기가 궁금합니다!? -o-a