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발로(VALO) 2 피스(Piece) 소울 프레임(Soulframe) // Grindhouse

VALO 2 Piece SoulframeLike the name said this this soulframe contains only two pieces. Its more leightweight then the old 3 piece ones. The backpart also got the backlsideplate area and the fronpart...

K2 바시티(Varsity) 소울프레임(Soulframe) // Grindhouse

Replacement soulframe for K2 Varsity. Comes including UFS screws and t-nuts (counterpart).1 pair (left and right)뉴 세븐(카본 2) 솔판과 겨룰 기세!

발로(Valo) 소울 플레이트(Soulplate) 커스텀(Custom)

a lil bored tonight...chopped em up...both sets were on their way out...almost a hole in the bslide plate...came out pretty good...Posted by: emills85 커스텀에 사용된 솔판은 어차피 수명을 다한 상태였다고... ㅋ예쁘긴 한데...발로의 ...

K2 바시티(Varsity) // 그라인드하우스(Grindhouse)

After a few years K2 is back in the market. The new Varsity comes in a cool red sneakeroptic. It is a classic softboot concept which means that there is no replaceable liner. The oldschoolers from y...

레이저(Razors) 아라곤(Aragon) II 소울프레임(Soulframe)

FeaturesColors: Black or Whitesize 1 = 6--7size 2 = 8--9size 3 = 10--11size 4 = 12--13Sold as a pair for L & R skate.Includes 4 frame bolts and 4 t-nuts.Description:Company: RazorsProduct: SL II...