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USD 클래식 드론(Classic Throne) // 트러스트(Trust) 스펙 옵스(Spec Ops) 라이너(Liner), 스페셜 옵스(Special Ops)

Setups - Bruce Gormansize 8 liner size 7 shell아아... 스펙 옵스!!

AM에 올라온 트러스트(Trust) 스펙 옵스(Spec. Ops) 라이너(Liner) 평가 // 스페샬 옵스(Special Ops)

Liners do exactly what they are designed to do. I fit into a size 9 shell for the first time and couldn't be happier. No more moon boots. Liners are nice and tall. Toes are nice and comfy. My only c...

레이저(Razors) SL 드레 파웰(Dre Powell) 2 커스텀(Custom) // 트러스트(Trust) 스펙 옵스(Spec. Ops) 라이너(Liner)

6-7 shell 9 liner.Posted by: killswitchvalentine라이너 어떠냐고 물어보니까...Pretty tight. The liners are about a size or half size small, but they prolly take some breaking in. And I'll probably do the inner t...

트러스트(TRUST) 스펙 옵스(Spec Ops) 라이너(Liner) // 스페샬 옵스(Special Ops), Grindhouse, AM

TRUST Spec Ops Liner blackThe Special Ops liner was developed to meet the fit requirements of narrower skates and exceed them in most full hard boot skates allowing skaters to unlock and explore a n...

00.11 SPEC.OPS. LINER PREVIEW // 트러스트(Trust), 스페셜(Special) 옵스(Ops) 라이너, 스펙 옵스

The Special Ops. liner was a purpose built liner developed to meet the requirements of thinner skates. This liner fits in nearly all thin skates sans toe cut and at the same time maximizes shell spa...