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TV 2. // 발로(Valo)

New Tv2 - Jug billy liner...Posted by: BrokenShoulder 댓글 중에...the boots and liner are size 40 mm... like 7 on US... yes the toes are cut. 다른 분의 라이너 사이즈 문제Did you had problems with the liner's widt...

발로(Valo) TV.2, AB.1, JJ.1 벨크로(Velcro)

VALO WHITE TV.2 Features: NEW White Colorway NEW Lower cuff for improved flexibility NEW Form fitting liner, thicker padding in tongue NEW Classic sneaker look Replaceable Soul and Backslide NEW VAL...

발로(Valo) TV.2 화이트(White) 커스텀(Custom)

7.23.09 Posted by ThemgoodsDean came by today to pick up his white TV.2 customs솔판이 염색인가?아니면... 예전에 잠깐 보였던 비닐삘 나던 발로용인가!?

발로(Valo) TV.2 화이트(White)

genre MurdaM1 anti'sbones swisstoe cut,sz 9와우.. 순결하구나!!* 영진형님께서 보정한 사진을 추가했습니다!

Snake Skin Boots // 제이슨 레이나(? Jason Reyna), 발로(Valo) TV.2 Cool Snake

I worked a lot last month before heading out to LA and felt I deserved a little something. Or maybe I just really wanted them, whatever works. I ordered the Cool Snakes and they arrived today. Reall...

Cool Snakes TV.2 // 발로(Valo), 트러스트(Trust)

Cool Snakes with trust liners. had to toe cut hardcore for that to fit tho발로의 발꼬락은 토우컷을 하셨다고...

발로(Valo) 블루(Blue) TV.2 Advert Now Available;

Valo Blue TV.2 Advert Now Available; Only available in EU Check your favorite EU shops유럽샵에서 오다를 해 보아요~얘도 스킨의 끈 구멍에 플라스틱을 덧댄 건가효!? -o-a발로(Valo) AB.1 스킨(Skin) 업그레이드(Upgrade)!!!http://comablade.egloos....

발로(Valo) Tv2 Review

Thought my post on the TV2s in the Your Skates, Your Customs section would also be useful here.Man it feels good to be back skating Valos!I wasn't expecting these to be delivery to at least the end ...

발로(Valo) 화이트(White) TV2, 트러스트(Trust) 카탈리스트(Catalyst) 라이너(Liner) // Bryan

전에 클드론 깔맞춤으로 질렀던 공군아저씨.이번에 발로를 또 지르신 듯!여친이 없으신 듯!? -o-a발로를 또 지르셨음. ㅋ뭘 좀 아시는 공군 아저씨 // USD 클래식 드론(Classic Throne)

발로(Valo) TV.2 화이트(White) 커스텀(Custom)

Hey Guys, It's Shawn Storm from Amall. I recently got a pair of the TV.2 WHITE and wanted to show you what I did with the skate. I went to a near shoe repair shop and bought some vinyl paint in blac...
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