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Tobias Holden - Stale Wall Ride to Fakie // 롤러블레이드(Rollerblade) 솔로(Solo) 이스틸로(Estilo) 랍(Rob) G

Tobias Holden - Stale Wall Ride to FakieWent down to Santa Barbara for the holiday and skated Filmore with the homies.© Megan Rolling Love

RW TEAM RIDER: Tobias Holden // Toby Holden, 롤러블레이드(Rollerblade) 솔로(Solo)

True-FishTrue-MistrialAllyoop-ToppornPhoto By: Megan Pertersen (2011)A montage from a year well spent. With blading from Zacharias Flynn, Tobias Holden, and Jeremy ...

Tobias Holden - Handplant 360

San Diego daysphoto from last year intended use for SHOCKToby straight shredding everything San Diego has everywhere we went© Megan Rolling Love나머지는 아래에...