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Hero HD edit from Ontario House // 캐나다(Canada), Shop Task

Matt Vigneux sent us an edit showing off his new GoPro Hero HD camera that he picked up from Shop Task. He’s collected footage over the past month or so and put together this edit featuring Dustin W...

Task TV: Tommy Chung edit // 캐나다(Canada), 레이저(Razors) SL

This is an edit of Tommy Chung, the footage was taken earlier during this past spring of 09. Featuring some street spots, and at Squamish skatepark. Enjoy.-Tommy Chung낮고 넓은 솔판, 진리의 레이저 SL

Task TV: Footage from King of the Street '09

For those of you who havent heard already, here are the results from this years King of the Street.1st - Sean Knight2nd - Greg from France3rd - Tommy

Task TV: VanAM 2009 Edit // 캐나다(Canada)

* 아래와 동일한 영상입니다.For those who haven’t heard of the VanAM competition, it’s held once a year in the great Vancouver city area. It’s purpose is to give up and comers a chance to showcase their skills,...

TOMMY CHUNG - Asian Connection.

Many years ago in a far away land, a different kind of civilization discovered really bad music. To keep their traditions alive and share their discoveries with future generations, they created edit...