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The Truth 2 Official Trailer

* 아래와 동일한 영상입니다.Back at it again!…And after two solid years of pounding the pavement hard, the Kelso Brothers and Austin Paz proudly present their second installment of THE TRUTH. Starring the Kelso...

스티브 아이아코노(Steve Iacono) - 님(Nimh) Edit 2009. // 알프(Alf)

* 아래와 동일한 영상입니다.my new nimh edit. filmed by Sean Kelso and Colin Kelso of Brotherly Love. Thank You To Nimh Skates and Denial Check out the Truth Volume 2 Dec 9th. 삼촌 간지. 학학...스티브의 인터뷰는 아래에...BLADE ...

케이시 맥파랜드(Casey McFarland) - New York City // Truth 2

Casey McFarland - New York City내년(?) 크리스마스에 또 공짜로 풀리기를 기대하며... -.-;;;;

콜린 켈소(Colin Kelso) Truth 2 leftovers // 트루쓰, 데쉬(Deshi), 카본(Carbon)

Pure quality and originality from the master of steez.이것은 전에 사진이 풀렸던 그 샘플 모델!?The skin is almost identical to the Broskow skin. The patent leather is sick though. But Oli Benet said these are not co...