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USD TAN LE 카본(Carbon) 커스텀(Custom) Skate // AM, AMall

USD TAN LE Carbon custom skate #1 shown with the following; gray USD Carbon souls , gray Kizer Fluid III frames, Eulogy Austin Paz zombie outer wheel, GC anti-rocker inner wheels.USD TAN LE Carbon c...

USD 카본(Carbon) Pro Complete Skate TAN LE // AM

USD Carbon Pro Complete Skate TAN LEThe limited edition USD Carbon Tan complete skate takes the LE Carbon boot and matches it with the popular Kizer Slim Line Frames, Undercover 55mm pro team wheels...

줄리앙 쿠도(Julien Cudot) and his USD 카본(Carbon) limited won The Gladiator contest sunday with Julien Cudot.Tricks from the gladiator comp's semi final and finals, in Nantes (France).A WRS 3 stars event.Congratulation to Julien. Check out Kenneth Dedeu’s...

USD 카본(Carbon) Limited Edition // LE

USD Carbon Limited Edition CompleteUSD Carbon Limited Editon Boot OnlyDelivery Date: 25/03/2010 Usd - Carbon LE 10 - Brown