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More AB and more GOLD // 발로(Valo)

3.21.10 Posted by ThemgoodsMore AB and more GOLDPicture: Dean CowardBrosky Back PuddersHollywood High School3.21.10 Posted by ValoOur 8 x 10 foot Valo4Life Banner for Bittercold Showdown and Winterc...

발로(Valo) 알렉스 브로스코(Alex Broskow) Pro Boot GOLD (PRE-ORDER) // AM, AMall

PRE-ORDER ITEM. SET TO SHIP LATE APRIL 2010Set for spring 2010 is the 2nd Valo release for blading style master Alex Broskow. He has been featured as one of the premier professionals of our sport fo...

알렉스 브로스코(Alex Broskow) 4Life Promo Edit // 발로(Valo)

Alex Broskow 4Life Promo Edit

Daniel Ives // 발로(Valo) UK, 스트리트 아티스트(Street Artist) Urethane

Dan Ives - Inverted HandplantThis was the last shot of the night, Dan capping things off with a really nice and tidy inverted mute handplant over the hip. Lit with two Canon 540EZ's one off to my ri...

힐 컷(Heel Cut) Success 커스텀(Custom), Pics // 발로(Valo), 컷팅, 커팅 and my buddy wanted to make these skates fit perfect for him so we smoked and went to town on these thing. Had done the toe-cut a while ago, but we did the heel-cut with a 2 foot handsaw and...

발로(VALO) 알렉스 브로스코(ALEX BROSKOW) 1.3 GOLD, 소이치로 카나시마(SOICHIRO KANASHIMA) V.1 // AB1, AB1.3, SK1

VALO AB.1 Gold LE Boot OnlyVALO AB.1 Gold LE FLT II SetupVALO ALEX BROSKOW 1.3 GOLD Features: -Fully Designed by Alex Broskow - Limited Edition Gold Model -NEW Buffalo Pattern Lace System and Black ...

Champion Baumstimler // 발로(Valo)

3.7.10 Posted by Themgoods4Life in San Francisco Day 1Big week in SF filming for 4Life..Here are the 1st batch of picsSoichiro and...?Champion BaumstimlerMr. Baumstimler오옷! 사이러스를 버리고 발로 고고씽!

Poway Sesh with Soichiro, Stockwell, Hayden Ball, Julio // 발로(Valo)

* 아래와 동일한 영상입니다.Soichiro KanashimaJeff StockwellHayden BallJon JulioPoway..Ball, Jeff and JJ

발로(Valo) at Bittercold Pre-sesh // 비터콜드쇼다운(BittercoldShowdown), BCSD 2010

* 아래와 동일한 영상입니다.Brandon Smith Austin Paz Soichiro Kanashima Ivan NarezJon Julio소이치로는 뉴 모델을 신으신 듯!? -.-a이건가? 걍 TV.2 ??? 프로모델은 아닌 듯!?라이너만 살짝 바뀐 듯!?발로 뉴 모델에 대한 내용은 아래글에 업데이트 중입니다. ^^발로(Valo) 라이트(Light)...

발로(Valo) Clip of the Week Cosimo Tassone on his AB Golds

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