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cumbernauld edit & July-August Edit 2009 By The Riddler

cumbernauld editA short edit of cumbernauld and edinburgh of the past month filmed and edited by scott riddlesJuly-August Edit 2009 By The RiddlerA edit of some rollerbladers from edinburggh and sur...

Balerno Fastslide Challenge - Riddles vs Daniel // 스코틀랜드(Scotland)

Scotland V Poland, Scott and Daniel from Scottish Rolling battle it out on the infamous Balerno rail to learn fastslides...

Anyone fancy building a 램프(ramp)….

bonaly storm drain - edinburghlook how perfect this spot would be for a concrete miniramp - it’s got a subbox on the left where saul is standing, wallride on the right + you could do drop-ins from t...