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M1 quick write up + some pictures // 머더(Murder) 1 휠(Wheel)

I've been skating a set of the blue dual duro M1's since late november of 2011 and im really enjoying them. They are grippy even in the slipperiest indoor parks down here. The wheels have been holdi...

스크라이브(Scribe) 폴 존(Paul John) v.3 Pro 휠(Wheel) // 바퀴, 어그레시브 인라인

Paul John gets his third Scribe pro wheel which features all black urethane with stripper graphics and 58mm wheel specs.Features58mm / HardSold in a set of 4남들 휠 그래픽 고민할 동안에술집 가서 여자랑 놀았습니다.

총 맞은 것처럼~ // 언더커버(Undercover), UC 휠(Wheel), 바퀴, 불량품

휠 내부는 저렇지 않다고 장담 못할 듯. -_-;;;; ㄷㄷㄷUNDERCOVER PUTS BUBBLES INTO WHEEL.HYUNA - 'Bubble Pop!'

페스터(FESTER) 조이 체이스(JOEY CHASE) 59 // 휠(Wheel), Revolution, AM

FESTER JOEY CHASE 59 features 59MM Round Profile, Fester Street Formula Clear Urethane, Double Sided Wheel Print - FESTER ICON Graphic on the inside, FESTER Joey Chase Graphic on the outside, and FE...

언더커버(Undercover) 휠(Wheel) 터짐!! -o-;;; // UC, 디코어(Decore)

언더커버(Undercover) 휠(Wheel) // 데쉬(Deshi) CH1 White & Gold (참고 : )에 있던 거. ㅋ그동안 우수한 접지력과 UC휠 답지않은(?) 우레탄 부분의 내구성으로 나의 사랑을 받아왔던 휠이...여의도 낮돌에서의 가벼운 에어에 운명하심 ...

언더커버(Undercover) 휠(Wheel) 이앤 맥클로드(Iain McLeod) // UC

2011 언더커버 이언맥로드 휠더운여름날 1시간 깔짝거렸슴다ㅋㅋㅋ

M1 트리니티(Trinity) 휠(Wheel) 터짐

I now remember why I used to hate m1 urethane...(trinity related)shit cored out on me. what the f mate, what's new?been riding them for a month. the temperatures don't mess with the eulogies perform...

율로지(Eulogy) 크리스 해피(Chris Haffey), 에릭 베일리(Erik Bailey) Reptile Pro Wheel // 크리스 하피, AM

Eulogy Chris Haffey Reptile Pro WheelThe big news for 2011 is that Chris Haffey joins the Eulogy pro team with his very first pro wheel in their new Reptile wheel series. The Chris Haffey Eulogy Rep...

M1 듀얼 듀로(Dual Duro) 휠(Wheel) // 머더원(Murder1), AM, RW

M1 Dual Duro Wheel Black/GoldM1 went back to the lab to do more research and developed a new urethane formula and core material for their wheels to give them an even longer lifespan and faster roll....


The title says it all.First set of wheels I have ever loved. The DDs. No chunking, shredding, or decoring in a month. I can still see the mold lines! I have usually destroyed wheels totally by this ...
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